What if your wordpress is now an automatic intelligent Blog, Writing and Posting autonomously?

What would happen, if the Functions of Aggregator Plugins for WordPress are combined with Automatic Writing based on A full automatic content creating could be astablished. When a new sort of WordPress Plugins would combine three things, 1st RSS Feed Aggregators, 2nd Datamining, 3rd Sharing and Scraping of Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter,, Epubli, and Feedly or even connect those Accounts and combine all three Sources a unknown variability of automated content creating could be astablished. In my point of view, fully automated Blogs and Newspaper like Pages could be becoming part of the Internet and bring AI-Bots to another Level.

What could become the websites of the future? A masterpiece of Laptop Computer software-engineered Writing and Automation Build in Open Source by Jukka Pesonen, available under MIT license. Open Source AI-ready Multifunctional WordPress Plugins

In conclusion, it would be super awesome if a window contains enough Blue Personality Technology detectible type a tendency for AggregatorPlugins, Joint Data Sources, and Interactions for Automatic Content. If the such Window can be made with Arduino, Sensor boards, and Several Android Robots, like Mynewt Dream, Raspberry PI, googles Jetson quadcopter, and Odroid XU4, then a magical Dynamic Intelligence of Combining Aggregator-PLUGINS and Automatic Writing could be developed. A Window with a Personality that creates automatic Writing-Function, arbitrary Picture of the digital World through Computer Vision, Text-to- Speech Synthesis, and Machine Learning. What do you say?

Let’s take an example of a Multi-Human Organization or Wiki. In the World Today, there are a lot of Wikilike Apps and websites, part of the reason is that wordpress is popular as it is. Therefore, most wordpress Plugins can combine 3 source of ‘Information gathering’ for creating content on a platform like WordPress like to create a ‘Cities & Articles’ like Reuters, NBC, etc. The problem with all those Apps is that it is not a Smart Content Platform above, it is a ‘Cities & Articles’ platform with the assist of wordpress Plugins.

Do you know that WordPress Plugins allow you to create Contextual Information about the posts that you create? This information is sometimes experimentally collected and shared publicly for which the paid wordpress hosting and access costs an arm and a leg. Well, the truth is that you can also create Contextual Information for free on a wordpress property and collect it later. But since most of the Places that allows to collect the contextual Information are no longer operational, it is useless and embarrassing.

Dr. John Bingham and his team improved WordPress through Automatic Blogs and Lydia Blog-like Properties. There are too many things that they have improved on, but the one that I find interesting is the Auto-Scraping of Social Media Accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

When it comes to social media collecting like Facebook, the concept is simple. A user can share a post to his friends, of which they can choose to share their public post or a private message to the friend. The client collects the information from the share and the private message and send to the owners of the respective accounts in order to publicly post them. What are Facebook’s end-goal when collecting this information as they want their data to become public and inducing more Visitors to their websites. To explore this better, we need to cover the three parts of the whole process from the connecting of social media accounts to the creation of content in the platform.

The first problem that occurs when collecting information from the various sources is the synchronization of the schedules. Do you know that Social media accounts keep changing their schedules like every 5 minutes or every two hours? It is impossible for us to keep an accurate copy of their calendars. There is no seamless link between all the different social media accounts to make sure, that the same information is always available in the different calendars.

We live in an Age where WordPress and other CMS are used for creating a Blog as many Internet websites have developed to increase their SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Our World and our People are Becoming more and more Technofied by mistreatings of Human technology Basic needs in Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc… And to fill that Empty Space with what? Newer, Better, Faster, Cheaper. It is a Recession for some but it is a Golden Opportunity to use AI for something Artificial.

The Problem of Empty Space was the primary motivation to develop Automatic Content Creation. Computers are fast and powerful so not having to spend a lot of Time on traditional Content Strategy could be a great Opportunity. Automatic Content and Writing without Humans writing is Possible We Just have to put a little bit of Tender Care into It with a little bit of Basic Knowledge in Scraping how things Really are. Automatic writing and content creation could take your WordPress blog and put it in the cloud. When you need to update content then it would be like pulling Posts from the Cloud to Your Inbox so you don’t have to worry about writing Content because a Computer did it. You don’t really have to learn Anything to create Content Automatically like a Cloud Based Writing System but it can Showcase your Writing Skills. You would be in control of coming up with Content ideas and only have to focus on the Writing to Upload and Publish it as soon as your skills Would Grows Genius.

The basic rule of Use a Common Platform Where Possible makes Content Writing more Batch and Secure Solution to Write Economics based on Sharing of Resources and Efficient Scraping of Resources.

During my university days, we had a Use Code Application (Coding Application) made by Shinrin-Yoku and used for teaching Application Development knowledge. I mainly used it to debug problems or even to make small modifications and save it for later use. Nowadays we have modern Large Scale prototype Coding Applications which could be impressive with all the evolution and advancements like the Arduino. With Arduino our Basic knowledge in Arduino IDE is more and more Developed. With Shinrin-Yoku Artificial Intelligence could be used by the masses to createBasic Writing in Arduino IDE. Kimotos Writing System would be an Advanced Writing System as it would show us Advanced Learning Capabilities. It would be an Advanced Writing System with Visual Modifications and show us Advanced Creativity as this is an Advanced Writing System that shows us we can combine Human Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence Smart so Smart it would make us smarter.

Till here everything is created with

Today round about 40% of commercial use on Social Media is created by Artificial Intelligence and at least 70% of all Commercials on for Example Facebook are created by AI’s.

I think in the Future fully automated Blogs and Newspaper like Webpages will be the major part of all that like Pages and for Users it wont be distinguishable if a Source is made by a Human Being or an Artificial Intelligence Program.

Thats why it is important that all variaties of people with mostly different Interests feed those Alghorhythms. Otherwise, who will force the political, ethical and so on direction in wich these Alghorhythms roll, will lead the mainstream Opinions in Society – State and Worldwide.

Because of the lag of ability of a major part of differential view of our society yet, this is a big thread to freedom and where our World is heading to.

Who leads the main discource direction leads the world.